Safe and easy to operate diesel test tool ■ Piezoelectric crystal test CRI (from Bosch and third party manufacturers)
■ Solenoid valve injector CRI test (from Bosch and third-party manufacturers) and solenoid valve injector CRIN (Bosch)
■ DHK and UI nozzles (warranty certificate available)
■ Compact design of the center injector for greater power: EPS 205
The effective common rail injector test is based on the injector test of the flow type test. The piezoelectric crystal test is taken as an example:
■ Leak detection ■ Initial operating state of the injector (no back pressure)
■ ISA adjustment ■ Full load flow (VL)
■ Pre-spray (VE)
■ Idle flow (LL)
■ Emissions (EM)
■ Solenoid valve resistance traditional injector test (DHK nozzle and UI nozzle)
■ Comprehensive sealing test (internal sealing test)
■ Seat tightness test ■ Abnormal sound detection ■ Nozzle opening pressure measurement
Performance and advantages;
■ Piezoelectric Crystal Test (CRI) – Bosch, Denso, Siemens
■ Separate fixtures and spray chambers for all components ■ Easier to operate when the injector is installed, eg with a large protective cover ■ CRIN can be used with the CRI/CRIN 848H adapter ■ Injector Measurement >1800 bar (reduction test procedure)
■ Accurate measurement technology is environmentally friendly and customer friendly:
Minimize oil atomization by integrating the overall oil suction device in the workshop
Efficient operation:
■ Through automatic testing, and the test results with a simple chart and numerical display, it is very economically viable. ■ Comprehensive database stores customer information and test data. ■ Through PN selection, the test value on the CD tool can be transferred. Into the equipment ■ Comprehensive reaction DHK and UI diesel tool project test ■ Pressure can be increased from zero to 1800 bar by common rail high pressure pump
Efficient operation:
■ Touch screen operation design ■ Oil back pressure easy to close
feature design:
■ Compact design saves space ■ With Windows XP operating system ■ With: printer, monitor, CD/DVD, keyboard, mouse, network connection.

The EPS 708 standard configuration includes the EPS 708 test rig, 2500 bar rail pressure CRS 845 H, computer unit WinXP, CD/DVD, TFT monitor 19", software package EPS 945.
EPS708 oil control and oil supply electronic control, pump installation is simple, because the clutch cover is no longer needed. When the protective cover is opened, the engine stops running quickly and there is a protective cover for the high-speed rotating parts. When the filter needs to be replaced, the system can self-diagnose and have electronic monitoring and service interval display (for example: replacement of test oil and filter) performance and advantages;
■ Facing the future ■ Eco-friendly ■ Shorten setup time ■ Safe and reliable ■ Service improvement

The emission values to be faced today and in the future place higher demands on the setting error of the fuel injection pump. Therefore, the same requirements are imposed on the fuel injection system test bench. Only advanced test benches like the EPS815 can accommodate the current and future measurement standards and data processing requirements. At the end of the test, once all the cylinder data are within the error tolerance, the test report can be printed with a simple push of a button. This is a result for your customers because there is no reading error and its transmission error. It is very precise and reliable.
EPS 815 (15 KW motor) in accordance with ISO 9001
12-cylinder measuring mechanism - with digital display and analysis functions, histogram comparison, deviation setting, deviation over-limit reminder.
Environmental protection and user protection - internal flow, no oil mist splashes.
Wide range of applications - conventional mechanical pumps, electronically controlled common rail high pressure injection systems, electronically controlled dispensing pump systems.
Industrial computer, 15-inch flat-panel display - fast and accurate detection of setpoints, such as engine speed, nominal flow rate, cylinder uniformity, oil return, temperature, pressure, rack travel
ESI Tronic Diesel Information CD: It can recall a variety of diesel systems and vehicle experience data, and can be used in a wide range of applications.
Simple operation – after the oil pump is installed, all the inspection work is controlled and detected by the computer, which reduces the artificial error.
Optional accessories - lubricant supply, ALDA tester, oil pump special tools, printers, etc.
Features and advantages;
■ Adapt to current and future measurement standards and data processing requirements. ■ At the end of the test, the data is within the error tolerance, there is no reading error and its transmission error. ■ The measurement result is very accurate and reliable.

The share of diesel engine common rail systems continues to grow. The new EPS118 offers precise Bosch measurement technology at an affordable price. This allows small repair stations to cost little to add to the growing market.
EPS 118 Common Rail Injector Detector Overview:
△ Injector fully automatic and accurate detection △ Simple and fast installation △ Intuitive operation interface (touch screen)
△ Covers a variety of different injectors (including Bosch, Continental, Siemens, Delphi, Denso brands)
△ Database with test values (Bosch and other manufacturers)
△ Additional injector specific information △ Display of spray shape at different pressures △ Simple test results for service stations and customers display △ Report printing △ Space-saving desktop (60 x 60 cm)
△ Provide entry-level common rail injector test opportunity △ Save time and cost compared to outsourced test △ Easy to operate even without previous experience △ Quickly identify fault injectors △ Competitive price △ Reports can be printed more easily Customer convinced

The service station's benefits software and display unit structure is clear and easier to understand. Innovative menu navigation. Several possible test result display formats, such as:
– Normal mode: Good/bad display – Expert mode: Good/bad display and graphical display of fuel injection

EPS 118: Detectable parts △ Bosch / Denso / Delphi common rail solenoid valve injector (for cars)
△ Bosch / Denso / Siemens / continental common rail piezoelectric crystal injector (for cars)
△ Bosch common rail solenoid valve injector (for trucks)